Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ticket Giveaway thanks to Adelaide Cabaret Festival!

Last week Powderpuff Boutique was lucky enough to be contacted by the Adelaide Cabaret Festival asking if we would like tickets to a couple of cabaret shows to giveaway to our Facebook followers.

Adelaide is aptly named the 'Festival State' for a good reason, not so much the sleepy large country town most of Australia thinks it is.  So many amazing acts and artists travel from around Australia and internationally to perform in this state's great festivals, not to forget local artists too of course.  Well looking through the Adelaide Cabaret Festival program, once again it's hard to choose what to go and see, it's oozing with talent from the weird and wonderful, to the classic cabaret types and famous musicians also.

The two shows that Powderpuff Boutique has tickets to giveaway for are those Sydney bad boys, The Snowdroppers and Melbourne's macabre men, The Suitcase Royale.

Firstly we have tickets The Snowdroppers, whom can often be heard playing in the Powderpuff store.  Like most gals, it's hard to resist dangerous boys in bands.  With tag lines like, 'music to get laid too', you can see that The Snowdroppers are this generations Tom Jones.  Panties better be flying up on stage at this years Adelaide Cabaret Festival and you'll have three nights of opportunities ladies!

The Snowdroppers are playing the opening night of the festival on the 8th of June and also the 9th and 10th.  We have a double pass to give away to their show on the 8th, but if you don't win, trust me these boys are a must see, so book your tickets!!!  You don't want to miss out on their dark, dirty, blues that are sure to get your hips shaking and moving (gyrating).

The COMPETITION is taking place on our Facebook page.  The members names are Wishbone, London, Pauly K and Cougar.  So we want to know from you, if you were an honorary bad girl member of The Snowdroppers, what would your stage name be?  Go to our Facebook page and find the same photo of the band above and place your answer there.  The winner will be chosen by the best name judged by Powderpuff and will be announced on the 31st of May on our FB page.

Watch The Snowdroppers, Rosemary clip here on youtube for a taste of what you want to make sure you experience at the festival or in a city near you.

The Suitcase Royale are performing their show, The Ballad of Blackbone Joe on the 15th and 16th of June in the Space Theatre.  I have heard great things about these men from all the right kind of people.  Travelling from Melbourne on the run from the law are these 3 men whom come to Adelaide to tell their tale of a gruesome murder through their Rag'n'Bone music and junkyard theatre with some dirty blues and a gravely voice.

Several words have got me excited to see The Suitcase Royale.  1. Swampy. and 2. the comparison of Tom Waits meets The Mighty Boosh.  After reading awesome reviews from their shows abroad, I have to make sure I see them in my own town.

Powderpuff has 2 double passes to giveaway in a COMPETITON on our Facebook page to The Suitcase Royale's show on the 15th of June.  Simply go the same photo as above on our FB page and write an answer to this question.... If you were on the run from the law and could only pack 3 things in your suitcase what would they be?  The two most fun, original, best answers that make Powderpuff giggle will win a double pass to the show each.

Below is a youtube clip of the suitcase boys in action and after you watch it and know you don't want to miss out on tickets yourself you can go here and book your own tickets just in case!  The winners will also be announced on our Facebook page on the 31st of June.

Even after this lil snippet of video, I'm in! Looks amazing!

And remember to check out the rest of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival program, you can view it online or there is a pile of them waiting to be nabbed in our store at 547 Port Rd West Croydon SA and scattered around pubs, cafes and shops around Adelaide.  Remember to spread the word of these two shows and of course the competition to your friends.

Powderpuff Boutique xo

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