Monday, 2 June 2014

I'm Bringing Puffy Back!

Yes, that's right.  In the words of JT (aka Justin Timberlake), "I'm Bringing Puffy Back!". 

12 months have passed since my car accident that brought Powderpuff to a holt and I'm chuffed to be slowly returning to work.  It's still a daily struggle, so a lil inspiration from the easy-on-the-eye JT is not going astray....

When I started planning the 'Powderpuff Comeback', I decided to try and come back with a BANG!  A big part of this plan was to organise a new photo shoot for Powderpuff and I wanted to do it right.  I wanted beautiful photos that capture the style and story of Powderpuff and also some lovely product photos for the webstore.  So I started rounding up some very talented people to make my vision for this photo shoot, it's not an easy task co-ordinating so many busy people....

Finally a date for the shoot was set.  And what a coincidence??!! It ends up being on the anniversary of my car accident!!! That's gotta help Bring Puffy Back with some more oomph, right?!  For me personally, it was really great to have the shoot to slowly slowly work towards, especially since it was making something positive on an awful date in the calender year for me. 25th of May.

Melbourne Photographer, Brooke Orchard was the first person I cemented in for the shoot.  I had met Brooke at a Vintage Fair and after randomly starting to talk to her (I do that a lot), she gave me her business card.  I was really impressed with her work.  Especially her Vintage Style Photography or PinUp Photography.  Brooke shoots beautiful candid style pictures, where it looks like a snapshot in someone's day, is right up my alley.  Personally I am not into cheesecake pinup style photography and neither is Brooke.  Her use of natural light is beautiful.  I am yet to see the results from Brooke, but I am confident they will be wonderful.

Location Location Location!!! Yes, it's all about the best location in real estate, but this theory applies too on a photo shoot.  Thankfully my bestie, Joey has a gorgeous home and he allowed us to shoot there.  Joey and I have built a solid friendship over the last 14 years over good food and junk shopping.  And Boy! Does he have a great collection of mid-century modern furniture, nicnacs, lamps, art and a stupid amount of Barsony lamps and statues.  A great home for capturing the era from when Powderpuff's clothes are inspired.  Joey is also the man behind all the photos in this blog post, capturing the behind the scenes moments for us.  My best friend is better than your best friend.  Thanks, Joey xx

We also had two outdoor locations on the west-side of Melbourne.  We took advantage of the beautiful art deco building built in 1932 that was originally the Olympic Tyre and Rubber Co. and a quaint lil cobbled laneway nearby.  Big ups to the models and hair and make-up artists for changing the looks on the road.  It's no easy effort.

Babes! Next it's all about the babes.  Powderpuff likes to use models that are not only gorgeous, but help women imagine themselves in the clothing.  Once again the models were a size 10-12, somewhere in the middle of our size range, hopefully more likely to show the fabulous fit of Powderpuff's clothing.  Sydney pinup model, Elixir Black was the first model I approached to take part in the shoot.  I first saw her approx. 4 years ago in a Deadbeat magazine and have wanted to shoot with her ever since then.  Thankfully this gorgeous doll said, Yes!  Elixir was so great to work with.  She goes from giggling and bubbling about silly things to, bam, posing like a sex kitten in seconds.


The second babe was Jacqui.  Whom has been a Powderpuff customer for years.  When I say I had the pleasure of meeting her several times in the past, I mean it.  Jacqui is a sweetie pie.  Totally cute and a delight to be around.  And Jacqui has a 'butt that just don't quit', bonus!  I really thought Jacqui's personality would shine through in the photos, so even though she doesn't have any modelling experience I asked her to also join us.  Maybe not the smartest idea on such a big shoot, but she did so great.  Everyone on the shoot thought so, good work Jacqui! Now she just needs a cheesy pinup name....


If you are a reader of the fabulous Frankie Magazine, chances are you are familiar with the work of our Make-Up Artist from the shoot, Dana Leviston.  She's the girl that creates the , "Get Fancy" Frankie tutorials.  Apart from doing weddings, your special events and celebs, Dana and her business, Lady Day specialise in vintage makeup styles.  Dana also bought her lovely make-up assistant Jemma along for the day to help beautify and splash some colour.  Unfortuantely we ran out of time to have Dana work some of her magic with her amazing 60s styled eye make-up, so we'll definitely have to have her along to our next shoot, or if you're in Melbourne, book Lady Day for your big night out.

It's a pretty fabulous excuse when one of your best lady friends is the BEST at vintage styled hair and you can fly them over from Adelaide to make the models hair look amazing and hang out at the same time.  Enter, Miss Molly Doll.  Most of our customers know Molly's (and butt) from our webstore where she fills out our clothes quite nicely.  Or maybe you were lucky enough to come along to one of her Vintage Hair Turtorials we used to host in our old Powderpuff Boutique store in Adelaide.  Molly didn't disappoint, she created beautiful hair, worked fast and brought the goss from Adelaide to me and made me smile.  Thanks Mole Dawg, Love P Jizz, (yes, we have stupid nicknames for each other).

When you're after a custom car or a hot rod for your photo shoot, it's pretty handy when your main squeeze owns a hot rod business.  Rancho Deluxe is the Melbourne based business where Benjamin builds traditional hot rods and is highly regarded for his amazing craftsmanship.  Benjamin owns one of the most beautiful 1932 Ford Roadsters in Australia that he built several years ago, (along with a small tribe of other vintage vehicles).  The '32 is the show stopper though, so we were lucky that he bought it along for the day; or was it Ben whom was lucky with all the beautiful ladies...?  And then he was awesome and helped Brooke by holding the reflector thingamajig and got sore arms and only complained once.  What a guy!

Excited to receive some of the photos from the shoot.  There was a lot though!  It'll be a big job for Brooke, so we'll just have to be patient.  And then even more patient as Powderpuff slowly starts to roll out our new styles and  new colourways of past styles.  Most of you have probably seen some sneak peeks of what's coming soon from our Facebook Page or Instagram (@powderpuffboutique), there's been some great positive feedback and excitement.  There seems to be quite a lot of anticipation for our new Wing Bust Dresses and Bad Girl Catsuits, meow.

Lots and lots to do, but now I've written the 'Bringing Puffy Back' blog post, I'd best go put JT on the stereo and get to it....

But first, I'll just end this post with a photo of myself, showing the models how it's done, ha!

Paula-Jane xo

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Powderpuff + Melbourne + Car Crash + Surgery + Rehabilitation = ARGH!!

Tuesday last week marked 9 months since our near fatal car accident and that anniversary was marked by me going back into hospital for more surgery.  Not quite a positive activity to mark the occasion, but one more step towards recovery.  So hard to believe so much time has passed since the accident and I am still struggling with my injuries, which are hindering my return to working on Powderpuff.
When I woke in hospital after the car accident and was told by the surgeons that I wouldn't walk for 3 months, my thought was, if I work really hard at rehab, I could be back working within 2 months.  Boy, was I wrong! But that's my usual 'go getter' attitude.  Now 9 months on as I struggle with daily tasks and pain, I can't believe how wrong I was.  What a crazy time it's been since moving to Melbourne, so how about I start from the start and fill you in on all that's been happening since the big move.....

Early April last year I closed the Powderpuff store in Adelaide and moved to Melbourne with my son Rocket so he could attend an Autistic Specific School here, that are not present in South Australia.  Rocket and I had only just settled into our new home and finished setting up the new home studio for Powderpuff, when only 7 weeks after the big move interstate we were in a car crash.

It was May 25th 2013 and we were driving home on a country road in the evening, it was dark and raining and we were travelling at 100 kph and so was the other car that T-Boned us  It hit our car right were I was sitting, in the passenger seat.  Thankfully my son whom was sitting right behind me, escaped with only a little scratch on his head and my boyfriend, whom was driving, had minor injuries from the seatbelt during impact.  I was not so lucky though.  I had to be cut out of the car and airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for emergency surgery to stop the internal bleeding.   

Over the next 10 days in the Royal Melbourne Hospital, I had two more surgeries on my pelvis that had multiple fractures and my broken ankle.  Thankfully I don't remember much about my accident and time in hospital, but what I do remember was horrific.  The excruciating pain laying around broken for all those days before surgery and being slid from bed to bed for surgery and into massive X-Ray machines etc.  The result of my surgeries; my X-Rays make me look like Bionic Woman.  I have approximately 28 pins and 3 plates in my pelvis and 2 pins in my ankle, (those two are what I had removed in surgery on Tuesday), and left with some VERY long impressive scars around my pelvis area.

From the Royal Melbourne Hospital I was moved to the rehabilitation hospital at Brunswick which would be my home for the next 7 weeks.  It was just like what you see in the movies or docos when you watch people learning to walk again.  I remember the first time I was made to stand, the pain cannot be described.  Taking my first steps in a gutter frame, how being out of bed for 15 minutes would tire me out for the rest of the day.  Boasting to my boyfriend how after weeks I'd walked to my hospital room door or the table just metres away.  And when I finally walked 100 metres on my gutter frame, it took me 30 minutes.  The fastest woman in the world has run the 100 metre race in 10.62 seconds! But at least when I finished, I was also sweating. 
For the first 6 weeks after surgery I was confined to bed or a wheelchair and short times on my gutter frame.  I could not sit straight and had to lean back in a special wheelchair and bed at 60 degrees.  Unless I was laying flat or standing straight in my frame.  Tough.  Don't even get me started on the hospital food, tee hee.  Finally being able to shower on my own, having my catheter out and being able to toilet alone were all major milestones.  Independence and dignity were totally lost.  I can't even count how many people have now seen me naked!
(Picture of a gutter frame, cos I had no idea what one was before either)
The support I received (and still do) from my family, friends, Benji, hospital staff and customers since the accident has been amazing.  I was surrounded by so many flowers in hospital I couldn't even see them all, and my room's wall was covered in cards.  Friends visited from Adelaide, Sydney and all corners of Melbourne and beyond.  Surrounded by so much love, it was hard to be angry or depressed about my immobile situation, they definitely kept my spirits high.  THANK YOU and BIG LOVE to you all. 
Many have asked about whom looked after Rocket?  As many of you know, I'm a single mumma, my parents, Maureen and Peter came and lived in our home in Melbourne for 3 and a half months to care for Rocket and myself.  Amazing huh?!  I've always known how lucky Rocket and I are to have such wonderful parents/grandparents, but this just topped it off with a cherry on top.  Plus all there visits since to help me out since whilst  I'm still struggling to get back on top.  Huge love and respect to them.
So if we then fast forward to me leaving Rehab Hospital, at this stage I was only just starting to use crutches and weight bearing on my 'good' leg.  I had another 6 weeks of rehabilitation whilst still not walking to complete at home.  Still lots of visits back and forth to the hospital, at the start I figured I should've just stayed there!  But it was lovely to be back home with Rocket, I had missed him like crazy, even though my parents still brought him to visit everyday.

Still now every week I attend rehab hospital and yes, I still walk with a limp.  Everyday tasks continue to take so long to complete, my diary is always full of doctor and specialist appointments.  Weeks just roll into the next, with not much seeming to be achieved, except for hospital time and sleep.  A full recovery is expected for me, that is until the hip replacement that is forecasted for me in 15 to 20 years and the early onset arthritis....oh, and I'll probably have another arthroscopy on my knees in a few months.  The big challenges are over now though.  It'll be a quite some time that I continue on with my Hydrotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pain Specialist, Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiotherapist, Pain Specialist Physiotherapist, Psychologist and the list goes on...
The surgery last week was just one step closer to recovery.  And I am healing better than expected, but in saying this, I have written this blog post today since I'm couch-bound in pain from my ankle and back.  I am now like an eighty year old lady, I have my good days and bad, and yes, the weather does effect my pain levels.  Just like your Nanna.
Hoping that also from writing this post finally, it is at some level putting the accident further behind me.  I so badly would love to be back working full time on Powderpuff, slowly slowly and I will get there.  There are some new designs brewing, and an upcoming photo shoot planned for hopefully end of next month.  A goal like that, is the best thing to keep me motivated and moving forward.  Health wise, I look forward to being able to run and exercise and have more energy for my son, fun, work and life.  Here's hoping all of that is in the near future.
Not surprisingly, the accident has taken it's toll on my business badly.  Happening so soon after the big move to Melbourne almost stopped it dead in it's tracks and put an end to Powderpuff.  Think it goes without saying, financially the business has taken a big hit.  Thankfully though, my business I love is still going, on a much smaller scale, but still plodding along.  I have been doing a skeleton amount of work just to keep Powderpuff running, so I will have a job to return to work. Part of that has been organising local Melbourne production companies to make the garments, this has not required a large amount of work from myself.  I did try and return to work last October and vended at Camperdown Cruise, a Rockabilly 3 day festival in country VIC, but it was too soon and my health went downhill after that.
I now know I cannot rush my recovery.  Fingers crossed though by the end of March, one year after the accident, I will be back working full-time.  Come on universe, make it happen!!!  Til then, please keep updated with what's going on at Powderpuff HQ on our Facebook Page and follow me on Instagram, user handle, powderpuffboutique.  It'd be super lovely if you know any ladies that would also like our wares, please share us with them via social media or word of mouth.  Powderpuff could sure do with some more customers to ensure it's survival into 2014 and beyond at this point.
I really could go on and on about my accident and rehabilitation, it has consumed and dominated the past 9 months.  Trying to once again move on, I'm going to leave it on this positive note...
 Paula-Jane xo

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Powderpuff Store in Adelaide Closing - Moving to Melbourne!!!

So here it is, the big news.  A move has been on the cards since late last year and now it's time to let our Powderpuff friends know we are moving to Melbourne in a few weeks!  Sadly this means that our gorgeous store will be closing in Adelaide and our last day of trade will be Tuesday April the 2nd.

It's a shame to be leaving the store behind, it's been a successful venture and a lot of fun and brought a lot of wonderful people into the store.  Been lovely meeting customers from around Adelaide and interstate in person and found us lots of lovely new customers too.

The support Powderpuff has received during the year and a half the store has been open from customers, friends, employees and my family has been fantastic.  So big thanks to everyone whom has walked through the doors!!!

Most people that already know of the move assume Powderpuff is moving because 'there's more of a market' for our style of fashion in Melbourne.  That I am moving to make the business more successful in Victoria.  This is not the case, I am very happy in Adelaide and the business has been going just dandy right where it is.  I am moving because of this lil fella....



ROCKET!!! This is my almost 6 year old son!  Rocket has Autism and we are moving to Melbourne so he can attend an Autism Specific School which is amazing and was an opportunity for him I just couldn't pass up.

To say the schooling system in SA has been a nightmare for us would be putting it nicely.  Many people are surprised to hear that there aren't any Autism schools in SA, well it's sadly true.  I visited a couple of the Autism schools last year in Melbourne and after I saw how fantastic they were, there was no doubt in my mind that moving was the best decision for Rocket's future.

Raising a lil odd-ball that has weird fixations and is almost non-verbal on my own has it's challenges.  Especially with trying to run a business too, but I believe Rocket will flourish in the new school and it will make our future years much easier and happier, even though it will be harder now.  This will give him the opportunity to live life to the fullest and progress as much as he can.

Powderpuff Boutique will not be opening another store in Melbourne, (well not in the short-term anyway) and will be going back to being solely online.  This is why it has been a bit quiet around Powderpuff lately and now you know why our store has been closed so much lately whilst I've been interstate sorting out the move.  The website is currently being updated and spruced up and should be complete before the closing date of the bricks and mortar store.  Some aspects of the business are being downsized and it's been super busy behind the scenes getting the business ready to move so it's the smoothest transition possible and ready to get garments into production when setting up in VIC.

So!  We will still bring you the same PinUp Rockabilly Vintage fashions.  And moving into some more 60s styles whilst still keeping the same 40s and 50s inspired garments.  Our size chart has always been very accurate and garment quality high, so you can still purchase with confidence over our online store

I must admit, I have let our online presence slip a lil after opening the Adelaide store, so if you like our label, please share Powderpuff Boutique amongst ladies you think will too!  If you're not on our Facebook page, please 'like' it and if you are, please 'share' it with your Facebook pals too.  There are also buttons on our product pages on the webstore to share us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  Any help to build our online presence back up to where it was before would be hugely appreciated!!!

As part of sprucing up our online store, we will also we having a photoshoot in a couple of weeks.  Reshooting older styles for better pics and some new styles too!  Hopefully as much is done as possible by then.  It's all go-go-go here with crazy packing going on simultaneously!

Big thanks again for your support whilst we had the doors open to our bricks and mortar store.  And here's to new beginnings and all the great things Melbourne will bring Rocket, Powderpuff and myself!

Paula-Jane and Rocket
Powderpuff Boutique xxoo

Sunday, 25 November 2012

New Shoot! Plus New Threads too!

It's been a while between drinks since Powderpuff Boutique had a photoshoot and some of the photos on the website hadn't been updated for 3 and a half years ago from the very first shoot!!!  So it was definitely time for a refresh and revamp of the online store.

Enter local Adelaide photographer, Steven Jones of Etch Studio whom had photographed myself a couple of years ago.  I told him what I was after this time around and got exactly what I wanted, so we'll be going back for sure!

The lovely lady of the latest shoot was my lovely friend and also the teacher of the Vintage Hair Workshops at Powderpuff Boutique's store, Miss Molly Doll.  I was so happy Molly said she'll model, she has such a great natural figure, she's short in stature, curvy, has a butt that just don't quit, but most importantly I find that customers really appreciate having a natural, realistic gal modelling.

So we re-shot some of the older styles and some new too.  And as I said, was very pleased with the results, so we'll all be back in the studio together hoepfully before the end of the year to photograph more vintage inspired Playsuits, Skirts, Blouses and Frocks! 

We have a gorgeous new teal satin for our 'Kelly' Full Circle Skirts.  This is a great lil classic piece for formal occassions, it's finished with a large diamonte button, perfect for vintage gals with parties for the festive season.

We have a couple of new Playsuit styles too.  Our new 'Polly Picnic' Skirted Playsuit has a mini full circle skirt over the lil shorties and is a great lil 50s style playsuit in classic gingham and trimmed with ric rac.  Available in 3 colourways, canary, red and candy.


With new photos of our capris, tops and frocks, please visit our webstore and check out the new styles and photos for yourself

Powderpuff Boutique xo

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ticket Giveaway thanks to Adelaide Cabaret Festival!

Last week Powderpuff Boutique was lucky enough to be contacted by the Adelaide Cabaret Festival asking if we would like tickets to a couple of cabaret shows to giveaway to our Facebook followers.

Adelaide is aptly named the 'Festival State' for a good reason, not so much the sleepy large country town most of Australia thinks it is.  So many amazing acts and artists travel from around Australia and internationally to perform in this state's great festivals, not to forget local artists too of course.  Well looking through the Adelaide Cabaret Festival program, once again it's hard to choose what to go and see, it's oozing with talent from the weird and wonderful, to the classic cabaret types and famous musicians also.

The two shows that Powderpuff Boutique has tickets to giveaway for are those Sydney bad boys, The Snowdroppers and Melbourne's macabre men, The Suitcase Royale.

Firstly we have tickets The Snowdroppers, whom can often be heard playing in the Powderpuff store.  Like most gals, it's hard to resist dangerous boys in bands.  With tag lines like, 'music to get laid too', you can see that The Snowdroppers are this generations Tom Jones.  Panties better be flying up on stage at this years Adelaide Cabaret Festival and you'll have three nights of opportunities ladies!

The Snowdroppers are playing the opening night of the festival on the 8th of June and also the 9th and 10th.  We have a double pass to give away to their show on the 8th, but if you don't win, trust me these boys are a must see, so book your tickets!!!  You don't want to miss out on their dark, dirty, blues that are sure to get your hips shaking and moving (gyrating).

The COMPETITION is taking place on our Facebook page.  The members names are Wishbone, London, Pauly K and Cougar.  So we want to know from you, if you were an honorary bad girl member of The Snowdroppers, what would your stage name be?  Go to our Facebook page and find the same photo of the band above and place your answer there.  The winner will be chosen by the best name judged by Powderpuff and will be announced on the 31st of May on our FB page.

Watch The Snowdroppers, Rosemary clip here on youtube for a taste of what you want to make sure you experience at the festival or in a city near you.

The Suitcase Royale are performing their show, The Ballad of Blackbone Joe on the 15th and 16th of June in the Space Theatre.  I have heard great things about these men from all the right kind of people.  Travelling from Melbourne on the run from the law are these 3 men whom come to Adelaide to tell their tale of a gruesome murder through their Rag'n'Bone music and junkyard theatre with some dirty blues and a gravely voice.

Several words have got me excited to see The Suitcase Royale.  1. Swampy. and 2. the comparison of Tom Waits meets The Mighty Boosh.  After reading awesome reviews from their shows abroad, I have to make sure I see them in my own town.

Powderpuff has 2 double passes to giveaway in a COMPETITON on our Facebook page to The Suitcase Royale's show on the 15th of June.  Simply go the same photo as above on our FB page and write an answer to this question.... If you were on the run from the law and could only pack 3 things in your suitcase what would they be?  The two most fun, original, best answers that make Powderpuff giggle will win a double pass to the show each.

Below is a youtube clip of the suitcase boys in action and after you watch it and know you don't want to miss out on tickets yourself you can go here and book your own tickets just in case!  The winners will also be announced on our Facebook page on the 31st of June.

Even after this lil snippet of video, I'm in! Looks amazing!

And remember to check out the rest of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival program, you can view it online or there is a pile of them waiting to be nabbed in our store at 547 Port Rd West Croydon SA and scattered around pubs, cafes and shops around Adelaide.  Remember to spread the word of these two shows and of course the competition to your friends.

Powderpuff Boutique xo

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Back on the Blog!

Wow! 4 months has passed since the last post about the new store's Grand Opening Party!  Well Hip Hip Hoory, it was a fabulous night and I truly couldn't have hoped for it to have gone any better.  Thank you to everyone whom came along and helped celebrate.  Thanks to my family and friends, who have shown so much support and of course, Powderpuff's customers old and new, who have visited the store and continue too.

The Grand Opening Party was such a great night, so of course photos have to be shared!  Funnily many people commented on how there were so many good lookers present on the night and we can't argue with that!  Thanks to my lovely friend, Bouzi for all the photos from the night and my wonderful family for all their help that night and the lead up to it all.

Of course there had to be some kitsch for the night. The astro turf was laid out with my mate Dylan the night before.  Gosh it would've been funny to be a 'fly on the wall' watching us do it, there were some hilarious antics. My friends, Sam and Owen who did the signage for the store sure did have a great time watching us and lent us a hand with a giggle too. And talking about the signage, it's looks AMAZING!  Lil white picket fence framing the astro turf, pink flamingos, fake flowers and us Powderpuffettes were squealing with delight at the kitsch goodness.

Before the guests arrived my awesome assistant, Lady Hannah and I did some posing in front of the store, before we set at working hard all night, me mingling and Hannah helping and serving customers all night.  The posing was hard work too though, it was sweltering hot, but we couldn't let the moment pass without snaps to mark the occasion.  Thanks to Hannah, lots of ladies went home with new Powderpuff outfits that night, or placed orders for their new desired piece.  'Big Ups' Lady Hannah, she knows it all wouldn't have come together without her.

Lois from the night's sponsor Sailor Jerry Australia came along from Melbourne and was lovely enough to serve the tasty beverages all night.  Boy, was it a HOT night, and Sailor Jerry and Dry Ginger Ale sure was keeping everyone happy.  

Lots of lovely ladies wore gorgeous Summer frocks and as it was a family friendly event, lots of cute kiddies were running around in their snazzy shirts and pretty party frocks. 

The line up for the change room was constant all night, with ladies braving the heat to try on pretty things.  We giggled as ladies helped zip each other in and swapped sizes and helped each other out to find their perfect new purchase.

Of course it's never a PAR-TAE without music, so special thanks to Switchblade Jade for her swinging tunes on the night.  Always quirky, retro and fabulous is Jade's music selection and you can hear her on Adelaide's 3D Radion (93.7 FM) on two shows.  Tuesday afternoons with Suzie for (the whole) kit and caboodle and also every fortnight on Saturdays for the Revival show.  Her voice is sassy and her music is always cute to boot!

So many people attended and were coming and going all night.  The photographer did her best to photograph everyone, but there was just so many of you, it couldn't be done!  With hot rods and custom cars parked across the road, stylish people spilling out on the road, down the side street and in the lane way, it was quite a site to see.  Our lil store was crammed full of people, it was so great to see so many people turn out in support!

Rip It Up Magazine came along to the event as well and snapped some great pics.  Hannah and I were bummed we didn't make the cut though, ha ha!  Thanks to Chloe for the nice lil write up also that was placed in the following week's issue in the fashion section.

And since I am just a proud mumma, my all time fav moment of the whole night this photo above.  My friend Tiffany from Atomic Beauty's son, Clash and my son, Rocket (on the right) started play wrestling in their matching Hawaiian shirts.  As they started rolling around on the floor, Tiffany and I started chanting in unison, "Fight, fight, fight, fight!", so happy this moment was caught on camera.

For a full album of snaps from the night please visit our Facebook page.
So thanks again to everyone!!! Five months on since opening the store's doors and I'm still smiling and happy to say, I've met some truly amazing ladies that have walked through the doors.  Make sure you pop in and say HI! 

I have highly neglected Powderpuff's Blog, but I have it set in my head now that I will be updating it regularly from now on, so stay tuned....

Powderpuff Boutique xo