Sunday, 17 March 2013

Powderpuff Store in Adelaide Closing - Moving to Melbourne!!!

So here it is, the big news.  A move has been on the cards since late last year and now it's time to let our Powderpuff friends know we are moving to Melbourne in a few weeks!  Sadly this means that our gorgeous store will be closing in Adelaide and our last day of trade will be Tuesday April the 2nd.

It's a shame to be leaving the store behind, it's been a successful venture and a lot of fun and brought a lot of wonderful people into the store.  Been lovely meeting customers from around Adelaide and interstate in person and found us lots of lovely new customers too.

The support Powderpuff has received during the year and a half the store has been open from customers, friends, employees and my family has been fantastic.  So big thanks to everyone whom has walked through the doors!!!

Most people that already know of the move assume Powderpuff is moving because 'there's more of a market' for our style of fashion in Melbourne.  That I am moving to make the business more successful in Victoria.  This is not the case, I am very happy in Adelaide and the business has been going just dandy right where it is.  I am moving because of this lil fella....



ROCKET!!! This is my almost 6 year old son!  Rocket has Autism and we are moving to Melbourne so he can attend an Autism Specific School which is amazing and was an opportunity for him I just couldn't pass up.

To say the schooling system in SA has been a nightmare for us would be putting it nicely.  Many people are surprised to hear that there aren't any Autism schools in SA, well it's sadly true.  I visited a couple of the Autism schools last year in Melbourne and after I saw how fantastic they were, there was no doubt in my mind that moving was the best decision for Rocket's future.

Raising a lil odd-ball that has weird fixations and is almost non-verbal on my own has it's challenges.  Especially with trying to run a business too, but I believe Rocket will flourish in the new school and it will make our future years much easier and happier, even though it will be harder now.  This will give him the opportunity to live life to the fullest and progress as much as he can.

Powderpuff Boutique will not be opening another store in Melbourne, (well not in the short-term anyway) and will be going back to being solely online.  This is why it has been a bit quiet around Powderpuff lately and now you know why our store has been closed so much lately whilst I've been interstate sorting out the move.  The website is currently being updated and spruced up and should be complete before the closing date of the bricks and mortar store.  Some aspects of the business are being downsized and it's been super busy behind the scenes getting the business ready to move so it's the smoothest transition possible and ready to get garments into production when setting up in VIC.

So!  We will still bring you the same PinUp Rockabilly Vintage fashions.  And moving into some more 60s styles whilst still keeping the same 40s and 50s inspired garments.  Our size chart has always been very accurate and garment quality high, so you can still purchase with confidence over our online store

I must admit, I have let our online presence slip a lil after opening the Adelaide store, so if you like our label, please share Powderpuff Boutique amongst ladies you think will too!  If you're not on our Facebook page, please 'like' it and if you are, please 'share' it with your Facebook pals too.  There are also buttons on our product pages on the webstore to share us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  Any help to build our online presence back up to where it was before would be hugely appreciated!!!

As part of sprucing up our online store, we will also we having a photoshoot in a couple of weeks.  Reshooting older styles for better pics and some new styles too!  Hopefully as much is done as possible by then.  It's all go-go-go here with crazy packing going on simultaneously!

Big thanks again for your support whilst we had the doors open to our bricks and mortar store.  And here's to new beginnings and all the great things Melbourne will bring Rocket, Powderpuff and myself!

Paula-Jane and Rocket
Powderpuff Boutique xxoo

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